Alexandros Fotiadis
What is Programming ?
25.02.20211 Min Read — In perception

Programming in general has nothing to do with computers, programming is everywhere, you program yourself or we program each other. Basically you are being programmed reading this text right now. You never can program a computer, since a computer is a tool created and used by humans for the humans.

A computer is a standalone object, it is made based on human needs. Programming a computer is equivalent to programming the actual user in a indirect way. The computer monitor is the last hardware based API interface which is observed by the human eye which is decoded by the brain (this is what you are doing right now this moment).

The computer monitor is a pixel based IO devices which "hacks" the human vision by providing pixel detailed colors and motions. This is the reason why some UX-Designers (User-Experience) have studied basic psychology.


The image above doesn't make sense, but still it transmits an slightly taste into your subconscious mind. The point is that you actually see PIXELS in-front of your computer, but they are decoded into reality. The subconscious mind does not KNOW the difference of REAL and VIRTUAL. This is how advertisements Work... sorry about the Cake.


Programming should not be underestimated, especially in human perceptions and conditions, information can have an important role and like a computer is aware of cyber-security, the human mind needs an upgrade too. So lets start upgrading our mindset first before going into the computer programming.

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