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The Computer
04.03.20211 Min Read — In perception

A Computer, something that has the ability to perform computation. A calculator, router, TV etc. everything performs computations, it is operated by information which is determined by a 0 (ZERO for OFF) and a 1 (ONE for ON). The OFF and ON state is determined by electrical frequencies, ON it receives electricity and OFF it doesn't.

Everything you perceive from a computer uses those two states to compute logic, but how is it possible that such complex operations are performed by just a ON/OFF switches ? the KEY here is logical-operators based on billion of transistors.

A logical-operation is operated by many transistors and a mathematical-operation is operated by many logical-operations, mathematics is used to produce OUTPUTS like sound or image, but also to process analog INPUTS like audio or image, everything is Input/Output based.

Computational Abstraction

The inner interpretation of a electrical-computer is DIGITAL, the outer reality is ANALOG (as we know).

Human vs Computer ?

Humans are not comparable to Machines, since they are Humans, a Machine has a specific task to solve but NOT a Human. Humans are not defined to have a purpose in there existence / creation. Comparing Humans with Machines, exposes the perception of Humans observed as Machines, which again exposes the self-perception as Machine. Humans are self-determined and self-purposed, this is what a human being is.

Human vs Machine

But in general a Human are partially a kind of Computer, a biological advanced super computer which can even predict or invent the future with complex computations, which are undescribable with mathematics. Mathematics is just a small portion of the extracted computations of the Human mind.

A computer can only be faster in a specific thing, this doesn't make it better in general.

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